What happens when Gifting meets Augmented Reality? Sellebrate is

  • When the world is competing to bring out something new everyday,
  • Sellebrate plans to bring out the love and appreciation in you for the person you cherish with a blow of technology.
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How does AR makes gifting unique :

  • Augmented Reality is meant to enhance what’s already there. How can you bring a change to something you cannot touch, but only visualize? How can you work on the visualization that cannot be felt, just seen?
  • When you introduce AR in your gifting solutions, you introduce technology with innovation. The augmented message along with the gift card enhance the intrinsic value of the card.
  • Your loved one will not only be eager to redeem the voucher but also will look forward to hearing your love and appreciation in the form of a secret video message.
  • What are you waiting for? Celebrate this season with your loved ones with Augmented Reality gifting season.
  • Watch the video tutorial to know how to upload the video with your selected Gift Card.

Let’s try Augmented Reality
in your life.

  • Gifting has never been simpler, and while you get a wide range of companies offering gift cards, we are here to offer you something more. Something that feels very real and chosen just right.
  • Augmented Reality opens up limitless opportunities for brands to create an immersive experience, showcase products and reach out to new audiences.